+What is an Electrical Installation Certificate and why do I need one?

There are two types of installation certificates that we could be referring too. The first is an installation certificate that should be given to a client at the end of an installation. This does two things:

  1. Satisfies your local authority that the installation has been carried out to the current standard.
  2. Confirms that the installer takes responsibility for his/her work.

It also confirms to the client that the person they have instructed is competent to be carrying out electrical work at the current regulation standard. So do check before you employ an electrician. This is easily obtainable by simply searching them online, or asking them to prove accreditation. This is strongly advised.

The other type is an EICR or Electrical Installation Condition Reports. It does pretty much what the title says. It advises you of any deviations to the current code, recommends upgrades and advises you of any major dangers or hazards within the installation. This is a satisfactory or un-satisfactory certificate and the result is divided into three categories.

C1 Danger present, immediate attention required.
C2 danger present attention required
C3 recommended upgrade

With C1 & C2s resulting in a unsatisfactory certificate.

**Do I still pay for my certificate if it is un-satisfactory?

Absolutely! you are paying for an inspection, with the hope of a satisfactory outcome on the report.

My last electrician has not given me a certificate and I cannot contact him, what do I do to get my electrics signed off?

We have an all too common story here, unfortunately. The only option to you at this stage is to have an EICR carried out and hope that the work has been carried out correctly.

+How much does certification cost?

EICRs (Electrical Installation Condition Reports) are charged at £18.00 per circuit.
Visual inspection reports are charged at £90.00 per certificate.

It is not a legal requirement, but it is your duty to make sure your premises are safe, and can mean your insurance is invalid without an in date EICR.

Our certification service is without a doubt the most competitive in London. We are fully qualified engineers and approved contractors with the NICEIC. And as pretty much any and every insurance policy being invalid without these documents in place, we take this matter very seriously. Whatever your certification requirements, let us take the hassle from you. We will work directly with your local authority/council to make sure these matters are dealt with correctly and promptly.